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Omosi Boutique Nigeria is HERE NOW! You can now buy our UK sourced Brazilian virgin hair extensions directly from our Nigerian Office, paying in Naira and with delivery from Lagos! Our hair is soft, silky, shiny and beautiful on you - you will truly feel like a star!

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Real virgin human hair extensions offer the best quality for hair extensions. All our hair is 100% Natural Virgin Human Hair sourced from various countries that harvest top quality undeniable genuine human hair. We ship our UK products directly to you in Nigeria, retail and wholesale.

Virgin Brazilian Hair Extensions with Great Service

Real virgin human hair extensions give you the look you want. Celebrities have already discovered the secret of genuine virgin human hair extensions. Now it's your turn

Brazilian Virgin Human Hair

Virgin Brazilian human hair is the most sought after hair in the world. It is of high quality and is naturally strong. Brazilian remy human hair is available in natural straight, body wave or deep wave and is ideal for colouring.

Peruvian Virgin Human Hair

Peruvian hair extensions are the highest quality and most versatile of all hair types, but Peruvian human hair is also very rare! Remy Peruvian human hair is very light and easy to manage.
Again, our virgin Peruvian hair extensions are available in natural straight, body wave or deep wave.

Silk & Lace Closures

Have you ever wondered why Beyonce, Rihanna, and so many other celebrities always look so flawless? Celebrities often spend thousands of dollars on silk and lace closures, so that they can have a fabulous head of hair with a perfect hair line. Our human hair silk and lace closures are of the finest quality but at affordable prices.

Omosi Boutique Nigeria supplies High Quality Virgin Remy Human Hair Extensions and Closures from the UK directly to you in Nigeria!

The most sought after virgin human hair in the world! That's not Rihanna's real hair - she is one of many celebrities with hair extensions! Our Natural Peruvian and Brazilian human hair is 100% virgin hair. This hair is of the utmost high quality. Our human hair extensions are suited to colouring as required. This type of hair is therefore referred to as Virgin Human Hair.

NEW! You can now buy all our UK products here in Nigeria and you can pay in Naira. We can deliver fast within Lagos and Lagos State, and we can send to any address in Nigeria.

Brazilian Virgin Hair Extensions in Nigeria

Virgin human hair is extremely strong - it comes naturally straight, wavy or curly. The waviness can be easily turned into curly with proper styling. It is excellent for people with African, Caribbean, Asian or South American ancestry, as it looks very natural, yet manageable.

Our suppliers choose our hair through a very careful process, bundles the hair, sterilizes, wefts, shampoos, conditions, packages, and ships the hair to us. All this ensures that you will be receiving clean, fresh, 100% virgin remy human hair that is ready for use.

Peruvian and Brazilian virgin human hair extensions are left with cuticles intact and arranged in the same direction, so there's virtually no tangling or matting. Our hair extensions are machine wefted and re-enforced meticulously to prevent shedding. Our wefts are suitable for sewn on weave hair extension styles. They lay flat when installed and can be finished with our human hair closures.

Omosi's promise to you is to provide you with the best high quality gorgeous virgin remy human hair extensions that look natural on you, so that you look like a celebrity! Our human hair extensions do not irritate the skin and are easy to maintain. Our remy hair extensions are also affordable to all!